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May 23rd, 2013

ipsnoticiashomeROME, 22 May, (IPS) – The Inter Press Service (IPS) international news agency launched on Wednesday 22 May the new website of its Spanish news service IPS Noticias.

“For IPS, languages are an essential aspect to add value to news in the information system, especially with the themes that IPS covers and analyses: development, civil society and the new scenarios in the global South,” said IPS Director General Mario Lubetkin.

“Following the launch of the new website in English on Jul. 23, 2012, the portal of the Spanish service is a step forward, to be followed by the other 18 languages with which the agency works,” Lubetkin added.

According to IPS Multimedia Director Walter Garcia, the new platform better integrates IPS’s social media networks, features, photos, videos and podcasts more prominently and includes a new blog space.

“For this major redesign we chose an open-source platform for our CMS (Content Management System),” Garcia added, “not only because their ideology reflects exactly what IPS stands for, but because we are talking about high-quality applications that are reliable and scalable.”

Diana Cariboni, IPS associate editor in chief, said that “In short, the changes are conceived to create stronger links between the agency and its audience, facilitating the use of our news and the possibility of sharing, as well as networking between readers and the IPS community, including journalists and editors.

“The aim of IPS is to be as close as possible to its audiences, wherever they may be around the world,” she added.

This goal has been a constant in the history of IPS.

“In the mid 1990s, when online news was rare and the content of the agencies was tightly closed to the general public, which meant news production was only for paying clients, IPS was one of the first news agencies to move to the web and open a great part of its information to readers,” explained Cariboni. “The website we’re launching now reaffirms this tradition.”

IPS Noticias is the IPS news service in Spanish and the most read after IPS News. It provides features, articles, analysis and opinion columns on all themes related to development, human rights and environment around the world, in particular in regions of the South, where more than 90 percent of our reporters are based.

It also has a clear Latin American imprint. Our news on the region differs from what is offered by the mainstream media and is essential to understanding what is going on in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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