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September 14th, 2011

Opening of the 10th Annual CIVICUS Assembly in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Credit: CIVICUS.

Montreal welcomed more than 800 civil society leaders to the 10th CIVICUS world assembly, 10 – 12th September. IPS is a longstanding member of CIVICUS and was well represented at the event – providing news coverage, participating in the debates and taking the chance to meet old and new friends and partners from civil society in all regions.

Paula Fray, IPS Africa Director, presented a very popular workshop on “Doing advocacy better with new media” with co-host Mohammed Ziyaad Hassen of Al Jazeera joining the session live by skype from Doha. On the closing plenary panel she summed up the technology thread for the assembly. Paula was approached by many CSOs and individuals for further training and advice on using new and social media. Catch up on the tweeting from Montreal at @paulafray and @ipsnews.

CIVICUS - 10th World Assembly - Arm in arm. Credit: CIVICUS.

IPS journalists Portia Crowe and Laura Lopez Gonzalez wrote a series of articles and interviews from the assembly including:

When Poverty Goals Fail, What Next?

No Unplugging This Revolution

Developing Countries’ Designs for the Green Climate Fund

Africa Keen to Ensure Kyoto Protocol Survives

Citizen Actions Turn Up the Heat for a Warming Planet

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