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June 16th, 2010

Mario Lubetkin, Piriita Asunmaa and Milla Sunstroem

Mario Lubetkin, Piritta Asunmaa and Milla Sunstroem

IPS Finland celebrated it’s 25th anniversary on June 9th in the premises of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs which was co-hosting the reception together with IPS Finland Association. Among the almost fifty invitees were officers of the ministry, NGO’s, Finnish organizations, clients, partners, members and friends of IPS Finland, who attended the cheerful event.

Welcoming words on behalf of the ministry were made by Piritta Asunmaa, Deputy Director General of the Department for Communications and Culture. She emphasised that the ministry and IPS share common goals like those of defending freedom of expression, spreading information on development and training of journalists in developing countries. Mario Lubetkin, Director General of IPS globally, brought the greetings of the mother-organisation and highlighted it’s current achievements and plans.

View of the audience

IPS Director General talking to the audience

Milla Sundstroem, long-time editor of the IPS Finnish service, stressed that the meaning of her work is not only disseminating information but it aims to create awareness among people in Finland when they read about other peoples realities and find out how similar the basic reasons for happiness or sorrow are everywhere. She thanked all participants for their work and support during the first 25 years and hoped to continue counting with everyone’s support in future times which look all the more challenging.

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