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The Inter Press Service Capacity-Building Centre

The Inter Press Service Capacity-Building Centre
Strengthening independent media and civil society

What we do
Why we do it

We provide capacity-building to increase media and communication literacy and professional skills of journalists and civil society actors.

We believe that strong and independent media and effective civil society communication are vital for sustainable, equitable development and that both sectors need to be empowered .

Our mission builds on the 44-year history of Inter Press Service (IPS) , the first Southern-based and Southern-focused communication institution that has pioneered groundbreaking media development initiatives and civil society training programmes, alongside its core business, a global daily news agency.

Our vision is to create a constructive environment where the interaction among media, development actors, civil society, political institutions, governmental and intergovernmental organisations can be better understood. We reveal the interplay among these actors and its impact in pluralistic and participatory processes.

Our emphasis is on the media and civil society, and we provide capacity-building to government and intergovernmental communications officers as needed to support their roles in this interplay.

We promote the human right to freedom of expression and pluralistic and participatory societies by empowering an independent, vibrant media sector and by enhancing the role of civil society and citizens to hold governments accountable and participate fully in public policy making.

We believe that all citizens — but especially those without power and influence — have a right to see their voices and perspectives reflected in news, information and public debate. Strengthening civil society’s communication and changing how media and civil society interact can protect this right.

We believe that these information and communication challenges will be effectively met in an environment of coordinated and strategic action among donors and capacity-building organisations, within a dialogue respectful of each other’s identity and role.

The IPS Capacity-Building Centre
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