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Our approach

Our approach
Training that matters, training that works

Coverage of development issues and the impact of globalisation, the strengthening of governance, accountability, pluralistic development and participatory democracies require a multi-sector capacity-building approach.

Reporters, editors, media managers and civil society communicators need to be empowered to communicate effectively and to update their critical and strategic thinking with regard to information gathering, dissemination and communication processes.

We use a “from within” approach to provide capacity-building using local and regional experts and media professionals as trainers and facilitators, adding international expertise on a complementary, as needed basis.

Project design emphasises local ownership by participants to ensure multiplier effects, sustainability, independence and effective interaction.

Sessions are hands-on and interactive to maximise the exchange of experiences and peer learning.

We employ a best practice learning cycle to refine and update our training modules, toolkits and documentation continually. This aids adaptation and the capacity to replicate activities easily, quickly and expand impact.

All training is preceded by an analysis and needs assessment of the local media and civil society landscapes and of the characteristics and reasons for the dominant media discourse. Training includes analysis of story content, actors and local sources, values and priorities and target groups.

Trainees are selected based on their leadership potential, commitment to the process and their ability to integrate training results effectively into their regular jobs.

We recognise that the media is rapidly changing. Our approach to traditional media therefore emphasises the value of adopting more open, networked forms of journalism to improve the quality, scope and reach of content.

Through the IPS News Agency and the IPS Centre, we can offer sustained follow-up after the initial capacity-building period is over, continuing to work with and mentor individual journalists, editors and communicators. This follow-up is done in partnership with national and local media and civil society organisations and offer opportunities to contribute to an international news network.

We approach the communication sector of civil society, government and intergovernmental agencies both at a skills level and by promoting the value of open, ongoing, interactive relations among media, civil society and government.

Our approaches have been shaped by our own practice and by evaluating what has worked and what has not in the area of information and communication capacity-building. Only tailor-made training, which considers local aims, needs and background can achieve the desired outputs while remaining sustainable.

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