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Our value added

Our value added
Capacity-building with a difference

Our value added is based on our unique combination of the following characteristics:

    • A global news agency built on the value of developing local reporting and promoting local linkages between media and civil society
    • South-South and South-North linkages and information flows
    • Cost-effective local approach
    • Non-profit institutional structure
    • Carrying out baseline mapping of media or communication context for each project
    • A longer time frame for working in depth with trainees and clients
    • Innovative approach promotes reciprocal sharing of information, expertise and building and strengthening local networks
    • Customised training packages based on needs and goals, designed to foster multiplier effects, sustainability and local ownership and leadership
    • Student internships at IPS News Agency bureaus
    • Multimedia capacity in traditional and new media
    • Access to the IPS wire and other IPS news products for disseminating independent reporting generated from training initiatives and projects
    • Exchange with academic institutions and policy centres to share updated reflections on media development and communication for development that provides innovative guidance to the IPS Centre’s operational capacity-building
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