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Dissemination and Networking

In today’s globalising world, economies, societies and communities are becoming increasingly interconnected. More than ever, change cannot be brought about by policy makers acting in isolation, but requires a joint effort of different groups and entities – civil society organizations, local authorities, international institutions, political parties, citizens groups, unions and the like – both within and across national borders.

For change to be effective, all actors involved must have a common understanding of the problem at hand, as well as forums for sharing ideas, knowledge, solutions and best practices.

The third element of IPS’s communication strategy — dissemination and networking — is aimed at creating “information bridges” between those often diverse and seemingly dispersed groups. To this end:


    We package and repackage our editorial product in order to tailor it to the information needs of specific groups – for example, marketing activities allow us to increase readership and ensure the viability of our projects, while drawing from the market resources we need to carry out our mission.
    We enter into partnership agreements with other media and civil society organizations in order to provide specific products, carry specific projects and maximise the distribution of our editorial output.
    We promote media and communication events that bring together disparate audiences to discuss issues related to media and development, and to lay the groundwork for joint efforts around specific initiatives.


A large part of our dissemination and networking effort is led by the IPS regional entities. Visit the pages of IPS Africa, IPS Asia-Pacific, IPS in Europe, IPS Latin America, IPS in the Middle East and IPS North America to learn more about activies undertaken at the regional and local level.

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