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Throughout the year, the IPS headquarters and regional centres organize, sponsor and participate in a number of communication and media events. Such occasions give IPS a chance to meet and network with other actors operating in the information and communication sphere, as well as to interact with its audiences. Most events are conducted in partnership with civil society organizations, donors, or other media entities. Trainings for journalists and other communication professionals and events that provide a venue for media development and other capacity-building activities happen throughout the year.

Two events, in particular, have been a regular feature of the IPS networking and dissemination effort for more than a decade: the IPS Support Group Meetings and the IPS International Achievement Award.

The IPS Support Group Meetings are held every year around the end of November, when IPS partners, clients and donors, as well as Board Members, Trustees and key staff, meet to discuss important issues related to communication and development. The latest Support Group Meeting was held in Madrid, Spain, on November 25, 2010, entitled “Has Africa’s Time Come?”.

The IPS International Achievement Award was established to recognise the work of individuals and organisations that fight for social and political justice in the “new world order”. The latest Award (2008) was bestowed upon Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, for his international efforts to end poverty and hunger, playing a key role in mobilising support from other world leaders and international organisations.

These videos cover the most significant moments of the award ceremony:



“This type of information is not always publicised by the big media outlets in Brazil and abroad,” Lula said, upon accepting the 2008 IPS International IPS Achievement Award. “For that reason, we need IPS to be an example for the creation of other similar agencies.” (September 22, 2008)

Past recipients of IPS International Achievement Award

2007 Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
2006 Kofi Annan
2005 GCAP
2004 The Group of 77
2000 Nafis Sadik
1999 Juan Somavia
1998 Graça Machel
1997 Johannes Pieter Pronk
1996 Boutros Boutros-Ghali
1995 Randall Robinson
1994 Martti Ahtisaari
1993 The Staff of Oslobodjenje
1992 Jean-Bertrand Aristide
1991 Danielle Mitterrand
1990 Richard De Zoysa
1989 Alexander Pumpyansky
1988 Gwen Lister
1987 Guillermo Cano
1986 Jose Burgos
1985 Allister Sparks

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