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Partnerships are an important way for IPS to fulfil its mission and extend the reach and impact of its activities. IPS partners with media organisations, civil society and donors to increase the quality and quantity of its outputs.

With media organisations, IPS has content and distribution partnerships as well as institutional memorandums of understanding with media players that share the IPS approach to the international media scene. Current partnerships include:


    Al Jazeera (news exchange and events)
    INSP street newspapers (news partnership and joint fundraising)
    AMARC (new MoU)
    OneWorld (partnership for Yahoo News!)
    Infosud (news exchange)
    Killid Media (news partnership)
    The Media Consortium (Network of North America Progressive Media)
    The Guardian (Global development and Environment Networks)
    Thomson Reuters Foundation (AlertNet climate change portal)
    TVE – Television Trust for the Environment (joint project)


IPS has long benefited from strong relationships with civil society, fostered through reporting their news and views, and engaging them in using communications as a way of promoting and attaining a better world. Regional partnerships are explored on the IPS regional pages with current global partnerships that include:


    CIVICUS (Montreal World Assembly)
    Com+ and IFEJ (International Year of Biodiversity)
    Oxfam Novib (joint funding applications)
    World Social Forum (TerraViva and the International Council)



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