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News and content provision

The first element of our communication strategy is the provision of independent news and editorial content. Indeed, among surveyed media practitioners, civil society organizations, donors and individual readers, IPS is noted for the excellence of its editorial production, the integrity of its reporting, and its Southern focus.

We pride ourselves on being the only global news organization with over 70 percent of contributors permanently based in countries of the South. Most of our writers work from their own country or region of origin. Coordinated by a global pool of editors, our diverse network of local stringers and correspondents is ideally suited to report on issues which affect the daily lives of the people they live amongst.

Our editorial products deal with economic, social, political and cultural aspects of development, with particular emphasis on covering the IPS global thematic priorities. While project-related financing often provides us with invaluable resources to delve deeper into specific topics, we have made it a point, over these many years, to retain our editorial independence over the choice of issues to address and approaches to adopt, something our audiences appreciate.

Finally, one distinctive feature of our editorial production is that as a news organization, we have made an explicit commitment to mainstreaming gender in our copy. To this end, we have developed a set of guidelines for our correspondents and stringers, and produced a set of tools to help bring a gender perspective into newsrooms around the world.

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