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In a rapidly globalizing world, increasingly dominated by large media conglomerates driven by a corporate agenda, the voice of the poor and marginalized is at risk of going unheard. Yet, no process of development can be sustainable without bringing voices and views from the villages and the streets together with those from the boardrooms and the summits. Ever since its inception, in 1964, IPS has strived to act as an information bridge between the local and the global, and between the expert and the layperson. We combine the credibility of a professional news agency and strong penetration of traditional media markets, with a clear focus on the South, and strong relationships with civil society and the international community.

Today, we still do what we know best – independent, professional journalism. The IPS International News Agency, thanks to its broad editorial network, produces a daily news service with reporting originated in three different languages:

In order to maximise dissemination of the news, and in keeping with IPS’ commitment to promoting dialogue between civilizations, selected articles are translated daily into more than 20 other languages. (Some languages – in bold – have a dedicated site. Click on the desired language to access it.) The daily news service is supplemented by the IPS Columnist Service, which distributes weekly op-ed pieces by prominent personalities.

The daily news service is used by thousands of print media, broadcasting organisations and news sites in 138 countries on all continents. It is also accessed directly by millions of online readers. More than 350,000 individual subscribers get IPS e-newsletters.

The majority of IPS writers and editors come from the South, reporting from their own countries and regions or writing from the North, offering a different perspective on events and processes. The Editor in Chief coordinates their efforts, with IPS editorial policy offering a common framework.

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