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Guidelines for writers

IPS publishes a small number of submissions from independent, enterprising writers. If you have access to consequential, breaking information, if you write in an engaging and rigorous way, and if you have a global focus, then you can be an IPS contributor. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Before you sit down to write your article, please read the following guidelines:

    Familiarise yourself with the type of stories IPS publishes (review our English, Spanish and French news sites). It is the best way to get a sense for the kind of stories we seek. Please check our editorial policy as well.
    Don’t send generic pitches. We are not interested in titles such as “Africa at the Crossroads” or “The Future of the U.N.”
    Don’t send us an article or letter that opens with “Since the end of the Second World War…”
    We like investigation. Send us a fact-based, well-written, revealing investigative story we haven’t seen in the mainstream press.
    Do send us stories that are humorous or risky. IPS readers want to be surprised; they are looking for outstanding information and scrupulous analysis.
    Don’t send us a 20,000-word conference paper or book chapter. IPS features and analyses tend to run 800 to 1,200 words long.
    Stay away from technical or obscure language. IPS readers are well-informed individuals from all parts of the globe, but they are not necessarily specialists in your field. Assume that they do not have the patience for wordy arguments, insider jargon, narrow topics, or technical writing. IPS believes in making big ideas accessible to the widest possible audience. The trick is to strike a balance: IPS stories should be an indispensable reference for debate among specialists, yet they should also engage the general-interest reader. Reportage should be complemented by sharp, analytical thinking. Analyses should make use of original data, anecdotes, even wit, to help draw readers in.
    Don’t send us anything tendentious, too local or “politically correct”. IPS is an independent, global news agency with a global readership. Stories that assume, or pretend to please, a narrow audience are probably not for us. We publish stories that appeal to readers from Dhaka to Cuzco and everywhere in between. Stories that rely on local references or characters are not suitable for IPS.
    Do send us stories related to: human rights, public health, money laundering, development, global economy, corruption and governance, technology, the future of war, culture, immigration, the environment, global and regional trends, international finance and business, multilateral institutions, religion, terrorism, non-governmental organisations.
    Please send us final drafts of your work. We cannot spend an enormous amount of time editing submissions.
    Do provide original research or reporting to support the story.
    Unfortunately, we are able to respond only to those submissions that interest us.


Please send all submissions as plain text in the body of an email — no attachments, please — to submissions[at] with the word “submission” in the subject line. Include your name, contact information and a brief bio. We will contact you if we are interested in your article.

No follow-up calls, please.

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