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The IPS editorial policy

The IPS International News Agency is a news agency like no other. Its distinct editorial policy, developed over four decades of reporting, distinguishes it from other players in the field of news and communication. The main features of the IPS editorial policy are highlighted below.

    Treatment of events – IPS treats all news events as part of a process rather than as isolated phenomena. Reporting events without seeking to understand cause and effect means that readers will not have enough context to fully understand the world around them. That’s why we go beyond the surface — of isolated pieces of information or dramatic incidents — in order to find out and explain how events and global processes affect individuals and communities alike.
    Issues – The news service consists of stories that are of global interest. IPS strives to capture and explain any issue or trend that influences the course of international events in a significant way, with timely in-depth coverage.
    News geography – IPS tries to reach people excluded or marginalised by the process of globalisation, notably in countries of Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The question of exclusion is highlighted, explained and investigated in IPS stories.
    Sources – Through its news service, IPS offers stories containing a variety of sources, with a unique editorial angle: from the perspective of civil society, the grassroots and the South. This editorial viewpoint, however, never leads to bias or compromising the quest for truth.
    Mainstreaming gender – An important aspect of IPS editorial policy is to include gender perspectives in its reporting and editing. IPS has developed training and tools since the 1990s to implement this, including a glossary of gender terms published in 1997, and the recent Gender, HIV and Rights. A Training Manual for the Media).
    Genres – The service is made up of news stories, analyses, features, interviews, in-depth reports and investigative stories.
    Themes – Stories in the IPS World Service address one or more of the following themes: Arts and culture, Civil society, Corruption, Development and poverty, Economy, trade and finance, Climate change, Environment, Freedom of the media, Globalization, Health, Human rights, Indigenous people, Labour, Migration and refugees, Population.


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