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January 20th, 2007

IPS worked hard towards providing full media coverage of the 2007 World Social Forum, held in Nairobi on 20-25 January 2007.

As part of its communication strategy to strengthen information about the WSF process, IPS created a multi-media platform alliance with TeleSur and Amarc to report the World Social Forum process in Nairobi. As a result of this initiative, TerraViva Radio in collaboration with Amarc was launched and transmitted news in French, English and Spanish. TeleSur television transmitted through streaming. IPS also supported the publication of African Flame, the other newspaper produced during the WSF by Enda.

Furthermore, IPS organized two important events. One was the information and communication forum, to give continuity to the process started in Porto Alegre in 2005. Among participants were TeleSur, AMARC, Ciranda.

The other event was a full day seminar on the future of the WSF and its movements. The seminar was organized with NIGD, Transform! Italia, Kepa, Alternative Information Center Jeruzalem-Bethelehem, Enda, Ethos, Centre for Civil Society (Durban), Center of Indian Trade Unions (Cetri), Cetri, Liberdade Brasil, Paolo Freire Institute, Program on Democracy and Global Tranformation, Sodnet, Tavola della Pace and UBUNTU. The seminar was divided in three sessions: Future of the movements: Future movements of the Forum; and Political parties and progressive governments. The latter was coordinated by IPS who invited Vice Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, Patrizia Sentinelli and Minister of the Presidency of Brazil, Luis Dulzi.

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