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March 20th, 2007

IPS has started to implement a new project in partnership with the Global Subsidies Initiative on subsidies and biofuels. This series will go on in the next few months.

Subsidies are so common that for the most part they go unnoticed. Yet, they play an overwhelming role, either positive or negative, on most aspects of sustainable development. They can also be arcane and complex, posing tremendous challenges for reporters, even those well versed in economics, trade or the environment. Although there are frequent reports on subsidies in the news media, much of that coverage is ad-hoc, incomplete, and in many cases misinformed. In short, there is much room for improvement.
Our first story was written by Moyiga Nduru from Africa:
ENERGY-SOUTH AFRICA: Fuel in the Car at the Expense of Food on the Table?

Please visit our Subsidies minisite to find out more.

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