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January 17th, 2008

On the occasion of the upcoming World Social Forum 2008: a Global Day of Action and Mobilisation, thousands of people all over the world will march, speak, celebrate, and dialogue in villages, rural zones, and urban centers, in the context of hundreds of decentralized self-organized actions. They will mobilize over a one-week period in January, culminating in a Global Day of Mobilisation and Action on 26 January to show that another world is possible.

IPS TerraViva has played a leading role as a news provider and communication focal point for the World Social Forums. IPS has been covering the issues of economic and social development as part of its core business as a news agency since its foundation. The position of civil society, its relationship to the state and the role of communication are issues that have shaped the way that IPS carries out its own mission. The questions of equity and global human security for all are central to this mission.

IPS TerraViva has selected a team of journalists from around the world to cover the event. A virtual edition of the newspaper with global background articles, exclusive interviews and opinion columns written by renowned international figures is available at. TerraViva is an independent publication of IPS. This edition is produced in cooperation with the World Social Forum International Council, the support of Oxfam-Novib and with the invaluable assistance of Amarc (International Association of Community Radios) and Pulsar News Agency.

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