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July 3rd, 2013

IPSTVlogurlsmIPS is pleased to share with you content produced for the “Food and Media Talks” by IPSTV during the 38th Biennial Conference of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), this past week June 15-22, in Rome.

The “Food and Media Talks”, transmitted daily, marked the pilot phase of the daily programs of IPSTV which will begin in September 2013.

Further to the daily media talks, IPSTV had the opportunity to interview Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.


Amartya SeAmyartaSenn: “We may have to broaden our vision on Millennium Development Goals”

Philosopher and economist Doctor Amartya Sen is the 1998 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner and one of the most celebrated economists of…

Nicolás Maduro: “NicoMadVenezuela is under financial and speculative attacks”

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro attended the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome to receive official recognition for the Venezuelan…

You can watch the “Food and Media Talks” where panelists from governments, civil society, academia, FAO, media and the private sector engaged in daily live-streamed conversations on five current topics related to food, development and media, as well as special reports from its correspondents in Brazil, Greece and Lebanon among others. Enjoy IPSTV now:

Food and Media Talks:

Millennium path – Successes and Challenges on our way to a zero-hunger world (Full panel)

Africa – Will the Forthcoming Economic Boom Change Africa’s Rural Backyard?

Sustainability. Losing and wasting food in a hungry world (Full panel)

Food Prices — The Expensive Basket. When Bread and Rice Become a Luxury

The Role of the Media — Covering the “Hunger Story” in a Multimedia Environment


MarticaThe Nuru experience in Kenya, from garbage dump to model farm, Martha Nyambura reports
Contribution by IPS and IPSTV journalist Martha Nyambura to the IPSTV Food and Media Talks panel “Will forthcoming economic boom change Africa’s rural backyard?”…

How leftovers become a meal, Apostolis Fotiadis reports
Intervention of IPS and IPSTV journalist Apostolis Fotiadis during the IPSTV Food and Media Talks panel “Losing and wasting food in a hungry world”…

fabiolita“Urban agriculture sprouts in favelas”, Fabíola Ortiz reports
Video report “Urban agriculture sprouts in favelas” plus full intervention of IPS journalist Fabíola Ortiz during the IPSTV Food and Media Talks panel “The…

Preethi“Along the Lebanon – Syria border, struggling with food insecurity”, Preethi Nallu reports
Video report “Along the Lebanon – Syria border, struggling with food insecurity” plus full intervention of IPS journalist Preethi Nallu during the IPSTV Food…

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