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January 17th, 2014

When we heard of Juan Gelman’s death, one of the most extraordinary editors in chief in the IPS history, we were all very struck, for the admiration we had of the poet, writer and journalist Gelman.

In these days, some of you have read the reactions of many colleagues, which are very well summarised in this article of our colleague Estrella Gutierrez, which I think well expresses the thoughts and feelings of many of us.

As the IPS founder Roberto Savio remembers in his book The Journalists who turned the world upside down. Voices of another information, Juan Gelman wrote these lines about his own story and IPS.

We will get this message across to Juan’s relatives, especially to his granddaughter Macarena, who was born during the Argentinean dictatorship, who had his father, Juan’s son, killed by the military, and who was finally found by Gelman in the year 2000, after many battles and searches. A struggle that has become a symbol of love and future planning, well reflecting who was Juan Gelman.

Mario Lubetkin

Director General
Inter Press Service – IPS

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