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August 27th, 2007

July and August were two prolific months in terms of content creation for new web sites. We report the links of some of the new sites developed in collaboration between IPS World Service and the IT department.

Sri Lanka: In Search of Serendip
Serendip, the ancient name for Sri Lanka, has given rise to the word serendipity, which means “making unexpected but fortunate discoveries” […].

Iran: The Parthian Shot
The Parthian shot was a military tactic of the ancient Parthians, inhabitants of what is now Iran […].

Money Matters: Economy, Trade and Finance
Sustainable economic development is more than just feel-good intentions, it means investing in industries without compromising the future; implementing impartial rules and persecuting the corrupt; fair-trade and financing activities that respect human rights, diversity, health and the environment […]. A slide-show and a collection of graphs have been included in this page.

The Southern Africa Water Wire
The Africa Water Wire provides in-depth coverage of a diverse range of water-related issues in Southern Africa — from the importance of water to the environment, food security and sanitation, to the politics of water […].

Iraq: The US Surge… More of a Fizzle?
George W. Bush’s policy of escalating troops in Iraq, announced on January 10, 2007, generated a new vocabulary: surge-heavyweight, escalation, “new way forward”, “no middle way”[…].

Africa: From Polls to Polls
Coverage on elections taking place across Africa, and at women’s roles in them, in English and French. These sites contain the document in pdf version of the Editorial Checklist: Strengthening the Voice and Visibility of Women in Elections in Africa. You can download the file in English at and the French version at

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