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Our global structure

The current structure of IPS – Inter Press Service is the result of a long process of institutional evolution, driven by the need to strike a balance between global direction and coordination, on the one hand, and decentralized execution and initiative, on the other.

The task of providing global direction and coordination to the organization’s diverse activities is entrusted to the IPS-Inter Press Service International Association, a non-profit, international non-governmental organisation (INGO), registered in Rome (Italy), where IPS’ headquarters are based. The associative structure has its roots in the history of IPS as a co-operative of journalists. The Association:


has legal responsibility for the organisation’s work in the field of information and communication

enjoys General NGO consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

is an ODA-eligible international organization with the OECD

For a full description of IPS’s governance structure and processes, please refer to the Statutes of the IPS International Association (.pdf).


The IPS General Assembly

The main governing body of the IPS International Association is the General Assembly of its ordinary members, both individuals and organisations committed to the IPS communication mission. The General Assembly is convened at least once a year to approve the Annual Report and the annual balance sheet of the organization. Once every three years, it elects:


the Board of Directors


the International Board of Trustees


the Audit and Appeals Committees


The Board of Directors

The IPS Board of Directors has full authority for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the IPS International Association. Under the supervision of the General Assembly, it develops the organization’s strategy. The Board is currently comprised of 11 members, with a strong geographic and gender balance. The Board elects the Director General and may elect an Executive Committee. The current President of the Board is Ambassador Walther Lichem.

The IPS Director General

The IPS Director General is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors. In this capacity, he or she is granted full powers for the ordinary management of the organization. IPS’s current Director General is Farhana Haque Rahman, unanimously appointed by the Board in July 2015.

The IPS Executive Committee

The IPS Executive Committee, currently comprised of four members, exercises the powers of the Board of Directors in between Board meetings and supports the Director General in the execution of his duties. The current President of the Executive Committee is Fifi Benaboud.

The International Board of Trustees

The International Board of Trustees is the policy and advisory body of the IPS International Association and supports the organization in the achievement of its goals. It is comprised of distinguished international personalities representing the ideals and professional interest of IPS. Five members currently serve as IPS’s trustees. The President of the Board of Trustees is Roberto Savio, co-founder of IPS.

The Audit and Appeals Committees

The Internal Audit Committee carries out a periodic inspection of the accounts of the IPS International Association and examines the accuracy and transparency of its balance sheet. The balance sheet is audited annually by an independent international firm. The Appeals Committee settles disputes between members, between members and the Association and/or between members and other IPS entities.

The IPS Core Group

The IPS Core Group is made up of members of the donor community that have a sustained relationship with the organisation. It was established in the 1980s to provide IPS with guidance and orientation regarding its global mission in the field of communication, and to promote financial sustainability.

The IPS Global Management Team

The IPS Global Management Team supports the Director General in the ordinary management of the organization. Directors of each of the IPS regional centres, the Editor in Chief and functional Directors of the major global divisions of IPS (finance, technical, projects and marketing) comprise the team, which presents a strong geographic and gender balance. Coordination is ensured by means of regular «virtual meetings», and physical meetings at least once each year.

The IPS International News Agency

IPS’ main implementation agency in the media market is the IPS International News Agency, a non-profit co-operative consortium registered in Rome (Italy) as a “daily news agency” (Court of Rome, Section Media under No. 209/06).  To ensure a common purpose and direction, the IPS Director General acts as the news agency’s CEO.  The trademark “IPS-INTER PRESS SERVICE International News Agency” is internationally registered at the WIPO (No. 882 743 dated 25/11/2005).

The IPS Associated bodies

IPS Flanders, IPS Finland and IPS Sweden are self-financing organisations of the IPS Group, translating and adapting a selection of IPS news and analysis into their respective languages for the benefit of their readers and supporters.

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