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Baher Kamal

Baher Kamal
Director of Arabic Services 

Baher Kamal is currently the IPS Director General’s Advisor for Middle East and North Africa and Director of IPS’s Arabic Services.

Kamal is an Egyptian born, Spanish national, with over 40 years of professional experience as a journalist — from reporter to special envoy to chief editor of national dailies and an international news agency.

He also contributed to prestigious magazines such as GEO, Muy Interesante, and Natura, Spain.

Kamal joined Inter Press Service in the early ’80s as a Senior Editor in charge of the IPS Development Desk. He coordinated and edited all IPS stories focusing on poverty, environment, development, emigration and immigration, gender, urbanisation, health, children, education, trade and South-South and North-South cooperation, among other issues.

He was one of IPS’s principal trainers for media, acted as team-leader for IPS coverage of a high number of international and regional meetings and was in charge of media relations with international organisations.

In the ’90s, Baher Kamal served as the first-ever Senior Information Expert for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership MEDA teams in Brussels. He was in charge of generating a regular news and information flow addressed to media professionals and publications in 12 Mediterranean countries and the European delegations in the South and East Mediterranean capitals.

Among other information services, he produced weekly Euromed Synopses, monthly Euromed Features, and periodical Euromed Special Features.

In the early 2000′s, he was appointed the first-ever Information Officer of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Mediterranean Action Plan, based in Athens. Kamal drafted the first information strategy and he was the Editor-in-Chief of its monthly magazine MedWaves.

For more than five years with UNEP/MAP, Kamal organised several media seminars, gathering media professionals from 21 Mediterranean countries, focusing on environmental issues.

These seminars addressed specific environmental problems in the region, such as maritime pollution, land-based pollution, biodiversity, coastal management, cleaner industrial production and environment and development. All seminars had a strong training component organised and delivered by Kamal.

He has also acted as the UNEP/MAP Spokesperson and organised media coverage, with over 100 journalists from all Mediterranean countries, for the bi-annual summits of Ministers of the Environment in the Mediterranean region.

Kamal has trained media professionals from developing countries for several national and international organisations.

In addition to his professional experience in Middle East affairs and those of other developing regions, Kamal has served as a media consultant on development issues for a number of world organisations. He was the contributing editor of FAO magazine CERES in Arabic.

Baher Kamal speaks Arabic, Spanish, English, and Italian, with good knowledge of French.



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