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Diana Cariboni

Diana Cariboni
Co-editor in Chief

Diana Cariboni is the IPS Co-editor in Chief since July 2013 and has been Associate Editor in Chief since June 2010 and the Regional Editor of IPS Latin America since March 2003. Working together with the Editor in Chief, she is responsible for the content of the IPS World Service and overall journalistic production, particularly in Spanish. Since March 2007, she has served as editor of the award-winning Tierramérica, a weekly service about the environment and sustainable development published by more than 20 Latin American newspapers. She led the teams that reported from the Copenhagen and Cancun climate change negotiations in 2009 and 2010.Cariboni has trained dozens of journalists throughout Latin America and taught journalism in the ORT University school of media and communications, Uruguay. In 2007, she was co-awarded the AVINA Scholarship for Investigative Journalism in Sustainable Development for the project The Unusual Wealth of the Chocó.

She began her career as a journalist in 1992 working for various media outlets in Uruguay, such as the El Observador and El País newspapers, and the Sarandí and Setiembre FM radio stations. Cariboni specialises in technology, science, and public health. She worked as a writer on international politics, economy and the environment for Third World Institute publications (a subsidiary of the Third World Network). She is married and the mother of five children. She was born in Argentina in 1962 and has lived in Uruguay since 1984. She joined IPS in 2001.

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