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Estrella Gutierrez

Estrella Gutierrez
Gender Editor in Spanish 

Estrella Gutiérrez is gender editor in Latin America. She coordinates IPS gender coverage in the region and edits stories related to the third Millennium Development Goal (MDG3). She also acts as liaison with women’s rights groups and organises workshops, seminars and other activities linked to that editorial area. In addition, she supports the regional director and editorial team in activities linked to editorial strategies and coverage involving Latin American women.

Estrella has been involved with IPS since the 1970s. The positions she has held in the agency include director of the IPS office in Caracas, correspondent and editor in Rome, and head of the Latin America and Spanish service. She has also taken part in IPS coverage of global events, such as the Beijing World Conference on Women, led gender workshops for IPS staff, and coordinated and edited the Spanish edition of the agency’s first gender glossary.

Outside of IPS, Estrella has given seminars on alternative journalism and interpretive journalism at two universities in Venezuela; has been a consultant on journalism for community organisations; and has organised workshops on international journalism for networks of regional Venezuelan media outlets.

Estrella has also worked for the Venezuelan newspapers El Nacional and El Diario de Caracas, and worked in Miami, Florida from 1999 to 2007 for a company dedicated to business news services, where among other tasks she headed NoticiasFinancieras, a financial news service produced in association with more than 40 of the largest newspaper publishing groups in Latin America, which delivered some 3,000 news articles a day.

Estrella is originally from Spain but has lived outside of the country since the 1970s and considers herself Latin American. She holds a journalism degree from a university in Madrid, and now lives in Caracas.



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