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Fifi Benaboud

Fifi Benaboud

Fifi Benaboud – Algerian. Divorced, 3 children. PhD in Political Science. Coordinator of Transmediterranean Program (” Transmed”), North-South Centre of the Council of Europe. Senior Advisor of Scientific Boards for several global organisations. Committed in International Cooperation for 30 years.

In charge of cooperation and partnership between the Council of Europe and the Mediterranean region; based on political dialogue, intercultural dialogue, human rights promotion, education and communication, mainly with Maghreb and Mashrek countries.

Founder member and chairperson of some active networks involved in cooperation around the Euro-Mediterranean basin and in a global context, mainly on human rights, democratic processes and the impact of globalisation.

Defenser of women rights in arab and muslim countries. Member of the International Committee of the WSF. Chair of Euromesco (Euromediterranean Commission for Cooperation and security).

Vice-Chair of Copeam (Permanent Conference of Audiovisuel and Medias in the Mediterranean region).

Author of several articles and program’s resolutions on the euromediterranean relations and on international relations.

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