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Jos van Gennip

Jos J.A.M. van Gennip

Present: President Socires Foundation, Centre for Society and Responsibility, think-tank about the future of the European society

President Netherlands Chapter of the Society for International Development (SID)

Senior Vice-President of SID International

President National Committee on International Co-operation and Sustainable Development (NCDO)

Vice-President of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

Vice-President of the Dutch Refugee Council

Member of the IPS Board of Directors

1991 – 2007:

Member of the Upper Chamber of the Netherlands Parliament (Senate)


1990 – 1999:

Executive Director Research and Policy Institute for the Christian
Democratic Party


1984 – 1990:

Deputy Director-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with specific responsibilities for Netherlands development co-operation programmes


Before 1984:

Founder and General Director of CEBEMO, Dutch co-financing agency,
Chairman of EURONAID, co-ordinating mechanism of European NGO’s in the field of food aid and humanitarian assistance


1963 – 1967:

Officer Royal Dutch Air Force



Studied law at the University of Nijmegen


Publications: Regularly publishes articles on development issues, foreign affairs, agriculture and re-orientation of democratic policies
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