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Paula Fray

Paula Fray

Paula Fray has worked in media for over 22 years ­ the last four in the field of media training and development. She was Regional Director for IPS Africa until June 2012, with management responsibilities for the news service and related media and communication projects in Africa.

Prior to joining IPS, she founded and managed Paula Fray & Associates, a media training organisation focused on training reporters and newsroom managers. The organisation also strives to empower civil society activists through practical media skills training. As such she has trained reporters throughout South Africa in the various other African countries. Since 2004, she has trained IPS journalists to report on SADC, microfinance and desertification issues in Africa. Paula is the founder and convenor of the annual Narrative Journalism Conference in South Africa.

An award-winning journalist who rose to become the first female editor of the Saturday Star newspaper in South Africa, Paula was also executive news editor of The Star newspaper in Johanesburg. She has edited IPS¹ flagship newspaper Terraviva in Bamako, Nairobi and Glasgow and also participated as a journalist on Terraviva newspaper at the MDGs conference in New York in September, 2005.

She has wide-ranging consultancy and project management experience and has served as a mentor for organisations such as e-Health and the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA).

Paula graduated with a BJourn degree from Rhodes University and has a Woman and Law Certificate from UNISA. A recipient of the prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, she currently services on the Nieman Foundation Advisory Board.

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