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Phil Harris

Phil Harris
Chief, World Desk (English) 

Responsible for Europe and the Middle East, Phil is a Scottish communications researcher turned journalist and writer, who previously worked with IPS between 1978 and 1998. Originally joining IPS as Director of Communication Studies, producing policy and concept papers to help put the agency on the map and shape its recognised identity as a specialist in the coverage of development and civil society issues, he advised the then Director-General and co-founder of IPS, Roberto Savio, on communication strategy.

Phil subsequently held positions as director and editor of IPS publication, senior editor on the English desk and editor of Terra Viva at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro (1992), the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna (1993) and the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo (1994). He also coordinated on-the-job training for journalists from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and emerging countries of Eastern Europe.

After leaving IPS in 1998, he acted as editorial and communication consultant for a number of U.N. agencies (including FAO, IFAD, ILO and WFP) before being appointed Executive Director of DEVNET, the international, non-profit, non-governmental association working to create, promote and support partnerships and exchanges among civil society organisations, local authorities and entrepreneurs throughout the world in support of economic development, social equity, ecological sustainability, gender equality, natural disaster resilience and peace.

Together with Prof Peter Golding, he edited and contributed to Beyond Cultural Imperialism: Globalization, communication and the new international order (published by Sage in 1997), a broad-ranging analysis of the international context of world communication, in which an international group of leading scholars discuss different perspectives on the role of the state, the range of cultural impact and influence beyond the media, the roles of international organisations and business interests in world communications, and the potential for resistance and alternatives.

Phil also coordinated the production of The journalists who turned the world upside down: Voices of Another Information (published by Amazon in 1012), a collection of the personal memories and impressions of IPS written by over one hundred of its own long-time journalists and key global players over 50 years. It provides an insight into the idealism that fired many of those who worked for the agency as well as the high esteem in which it was held by a number of heads of state and Nobel Prize winners.

Phil graduated in 1971 from the University of Aberdeen with a degree in Politics/Sociology, before taking up post-graduate studies at the University of Leicester’s Centre for Mass Communication Studies, where he received his M.Phil. in Mass Communications in 1974.



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