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Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander, Director of Plans and Programmes

Susan Alexander is the Director of Plans and Programmes for IPS, and since January 2007 is also the Management Co-ordinator. She works with global and regional staff to design, implement and report on IPS projects. She is also responsible for the annual, multi-year and strategic plans, reports and evaluations for the Core Donor group. As Management Co-ordinator she convenes the monthly meetings of the global IPS management team and supports efforts across sectors and regions to implement agreed upon goals and plans.

Susan has a Master’s degree from Somerville College, Oxford University with specialisations in international politics and development economics. Before joining IPS she worked for an international NGO think tank in Tunisia as a senior programme officer, and as an NGO liaison officer for the UK Committee of UNICEF. Her interest in the role of civil society, development policy and communication is rooted in her experiences earlier in her career as a manager in grassroots community development organisations in Tanzania and Scotland.

She lives with her family in Montreal, Canada.
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