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Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee, chosen by the IPS Board of Directors from among its members, exercise between the meetings of the Board the powers of the Board in all matters that in the judgment of the Committee cannot be delayed until the next meeting of the Board. The Executive Committee reports to the full board at the next meeting of the Board regarding any action so taken. The Chair of the Executive Committee is the Chair of the Board.

The current Executive Committee comprises of:


Ambassador Walther Lichem, Chair

Walther Lichem, retired Austrian Ambassador with studies in law and oriental archaeology (Univ. of Graz, Austria) and political science (Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna) started his professional career in 1966 at the United Nations Secretariat in New York in the field of international water resources with development cooperation missions to Ethiopia (1971), Argentina (1971-74) and to the Senegal River Development Organisation (1980). He was also Rapporteur on international river basins at the International Conference on Water Law (Caracas, 1976) and at the IVth World Water Conference (Buenos Aires, 1982).


Fifi Benaboud, Vice-Chair

Fifi Benaboud – Algerian. Divorced, 3 children. PhD in Political Science. Coordinator of Transmediterranean Program (“Transmed”), North-South Centre of the Council of Europe. Senior Advisor of Scientific Boards for several global organisations. Committed in International Cooperation for 30 years.In charge of cooperation and partnership between the Council of Europe and the Mediterranean region; based on political dialogue, intercultural dialogue, human rights promotion, education and communication, mainly with Maghreb and Mashrek countries.


Giovanni Spinelli, Secretary,

Giovanni Spinelli, born in 1942, is an Italian journalist. In the 1960s he was the national representative of Italian NGOs and worked as a political reporter. From 1979 to 1985 he served as Mayor of the Municipality of Historic Central Rome, and in 1980, UNFPA commissioned him to organise the First World Conference of Mayors in Rome. He also worked as a consultant for UNESCO on the creation of a Francophone African news agency.


ramesh_n_jaura Ramesh Jaura, Director General

Ramesh Jaura is a professional journalist and an experienced moderator and facilitator specialising in inter-cultural communication, globalization, international development cooperation, nuclear disarmament, culture of peace, and civil society.Jaura is executive president of Global Cooperation Council what was until beginning of 1997 called the North-South Forum, which he co-founded in 1983. The Federal President of Germany awarded Jaura in June 1996 the Federal Cross on Ribbon for promoting international understanding.


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