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The IPS editorial team
Coordinated by Ramesh Jaura

Phil HarrisChief, World Desk (English service)

Responsible for Europe and the Middle East, Phil is a Scottish communications researcher turned journalist and writer, who previously worked with IPS between 1978 and 1998.


Estrella GutiérrezChief, World Desk (Spanish service)

Responsible for commissioning and editing stories originally written in Spanish or translated/adapted into Spanish; and coordinating global projects related to Latin America and the Spanish service. more…


Katherine Stapp – Editor in North America and the Caribbean

Editor Katherine Stapp, based at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, is a member of the editorial pool with prime responsibility for the journalistic production from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. She manages a group of influential writers based in places like Washington, Kingston, New York, San Diego, Tampa, Montreal, Brooklin, Vancouver, Atlanta, and Berkeley, among many others.


Kanya D’Almeida – Editor Asia-Pacific / Staff Writer

Kanya D’Almeida handles all content from the Asia-Pacific region, working with a team of local reporters spread across over 20 countries.
Prior to joining the editorial team, she worked in IPS’ Washington Bureau, covering the Bretton Woods Institutions and Obama’s trade and foreign policies in the global South.


Roger Hamilton-Martin – Online Content & Community Editor / Staff Writer

Roger runs IPS’ social media platforms and blog, while supporting the larger editorial team in optimizing content for the web. He additionally supports IPS’ multimedia productions, including videos and infographics, and functions as liaison between the editorial team and the Chief Technical Officer & Multimedia Director.


Stephanie Wildes – Head of Spanish to English Translations

Editor Stephanie Wildes, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, directs the Spanish-to-English translation services and forms part of the IPS editorial team. She supports the editorial pool through reviews of once edited stories, and also by way of full editing. more…

Verónica Firme – Editor English-Spanish adaptations, Community Editor-Spanish

Verónica Firme, who was born in Uruguay, has been working in IPS Latin America since 1999. She first worked as a secretary and then as assistant to the Regional Director until 2006, when she joined the Regional Desk to work as an English to Spanish translator/editor.

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