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The IPS editorial team

Sanjay Suri
Editor in Chief

Sanjay Suri has been chief editor since December 2009. He was earlier editor for the Europe and Mediterranean region since 2002. His responsibilities through this period included coverage of the Iraq invasion and the conditions there since then. Some of the other major developments covered include the Lebanon war and the war and continuing conflicts in the Middle East. He has also written for IPS through the period on issues of rights and development.


Diana Cariboni
Co-editor in Chief

Diana Cariboni is the IPS Co-editor in Chief since July 2013 and has been Associate Editor in Chief since June 2010 and the Regional Editor of IPS Latin America since March 2003. Working together with the Editor in Chief, she is responsible for the content of the IPS World Service and overall journalistic production, particularly in Spanish. Since March 2007, she has served as editor of the award-winning Tierramérica, a weekly service about the environment and sustainable development published by more than 20 Latin American newspapers. She led the teams that reported from the Copenhagen and Cancunclimate change negotiations in 2009 and 2010.



Katherine Stapp
Editor in North America and the Caribbean

Editor Katherine Stapp, based at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, is a member of the editorial pool with prime responsibility for the journalistic production from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. She manages a group of influential writers based in places like Washington, Kingston, New York, San Diego, Tampa, Montreal, Brooklin, Vancouver, Atlanta, and Berkeley, among many others.


Stephanie Wildes
Head of Spanish to English Translations

Editor Stephanie Wildes, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, directs the Spanish-to-English translation services and forms part of the IPS editorial team. She supports the editorial pool through reviews of once edited stories, and also by way of full editing..


Nalisha Kalideen
Editor in Africa

Nalisha Kalideen based in Johannesburg manages a network of writers who often work under dangerous and traumatic conditions with limited resources across the continent.
She coordinates with the editor in chief and is part of the editorial team.



Dario Montero
Editor in Latin America

Darío Montero joined IPS Latin America as an Editor in 1997.

His beats include Uruguayan and international politics and economics. He has worked extensively in radio. In 2002 he began contributing to the programme “Zona Oeste”, of El Puente FM in Montevideo, a radio affiliate of the World Association of Community Radios. He worked as a journalism director, producer and co-presenter on several radio programmes of AM Libre, El Espectador and Océano FM in Montevideo.



Estrella Gutierrez
Gender Editor in Spanish

Estrella Gutiérrez is gender editor in Latin America. She coordinates IPS gender coverage in the region and edits stories related to the third Millennium Development Goal (MDG3). She also acts as liaison with women’s rights groups and organises workshops, seminars and other activities linked to that editorial area. In addition, she supports the regional director and editorial team in activities linked to editorial strategies and coverage involving Latin American women.



Ali Idrissou-Touré
French Service Editor

Ali Idrissou–Touré is the Francophone editor for IPS Africa: based in Cotonou, Benin, he manages a network of reporters that extends throughout French–speaking regions of the continent. Before joining IPS in 2001, Ali worked as deputy editor–in–chief of the Pan–African News Agency’s bureau in Senegal for several years, and has also been a correspondent in Benin for Reuters. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire –– and a post–graduate diploma in journalism from the Ecole Sup érieure de Journalisme in Lille, France.

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