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The IPS Editorial Team & Staff Writers

Ramesh Jaura:

Thalif Deen:
UN Bureau Chief, Editor-in-Chief TerraViva UN Journal, Coordinator Opinion Articles & News Briefs, Staff Writer

Estrella Gutiérrez:
Chief of Spanish Service and Latin America Editor

Katherine Stapp:
Editor UN, USA, Canada, the Caribbean Climate Wire, Opinion Articles, and Staff Writer

Phil Harris:
Editor Opinion Articles, Special Projects, Staff Writer

Kanya D’Almeida:
Editor Special Projects and Staff Writer

Lisa Vives:
Editor and Staff Writer

Roger Hamilton-Martin:
Staff Writer and Online Content & Community Editor

Stephanie Wildes:
Chief Editor Spanish-English Adaptations

Álvaro Queiruga:
Editor English-Spanish Adaptations

Verónica Firme:
Editor English-Spanish Adaptations & Community Editor-Spanish

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