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IPS is a unique media and communication project. IPS International News Agency is the only global news organisation that has more staff and correspondents in the developing world than in the rich countries. It primarily covers news events and issues that are vital for the majority of poor people on this planet. IPS informs from the viewpoint of countries and people excluded from the benefits of globalisation, takes the gender perspective into account and gives civil society the attention it deserves.

However, this uniqueness comes at a price. All international news agencies have difficulties in financing their operations through subscription fees that media and other users pay, but for IPS this is extremely hard. Donations that come from our readers, without strings, help us to maintain our independence and show that people all over the world value what we do.

In order to maintain and expand its network of correspondents and stringers in the South and to set up specific news projects, IPS needs your financial support, no matter its size. If you would like to make sure that IPS can continue with its mission, make a contribution today. You could help IPS even more by making regular donations.


Depending on where you live, there are other possibilities to support IPS financially. You could legate part of your assets, donate shares or opt for payroll giving or other methods of giving eligible for income tax relief. Please contact one of the IPS regional entities below to learn more about supporting IPS:


IPS Africa:  ipsafrica[at]

IPS Asia-Pacific:  ipsasia[at]

IPS Latin America:  latam[at]

IPS North America:  noram[at]
If you have any general queries about making a donation to IPS, please write to: headquarters[at]

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