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November 20th, 2012

IPS’ 50 years of reporting on social justice has taught us that all sustainable change is made collectively. Will you join our 2013 Promise?

Dear IPS reader,

2012 was a year of many reporting highlights for IPS.

From the revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East to the local effects of the global financial crisis, climate change and the global food crisis , IPS has continued to deliver on its mission to serve as a platform for voices from the Global South, with a focus on the daily realities of actors at the centre of development, including women, rural and urban poor, and indigenous communities.

Stories like Gareth Porter ‘s analysis of the US-Afghan Pact stand out for revealing what other media missed (the U.S. military had defined the scope of the Pact so it was free to continue unilateral night raids), highlighting the increasing importance of investigative journalism and analysis to balance an ever-faster mainstream media landscape.

More recently, the story of Malala Yousafzai –the Pakistani school girl attacked for her love of learning– captured the world and media by storm. But the story did not begin with Malala. Through our local correspondents IPS has reported on the struggle of Pakistani women and girls for years, building on its mission to cover issues that affect communities in the Global South before they reach crisis proportions that propel them, briefly, onto the mainstream news agenda.

In 2012, IPS has continued its coverage of the alarming effects of continuing environmental degradation in Latin America and beyond, with an eye on the destruction of the livelihoods and social fibre of native communities. Voices of women and indigenous groups remained a core feature of our reporting, as in the story of the Guatemalan Army’s former sex slaves who testified in court after 30 years of impunity.

Training young journalists around the world continues to be important to us, too, with recent workshops in Tunisia, Tanzania, Singapore and Thailand, on such issues as communication for change, reporting on rural poverty and agriculture, ASEAN development,and community solutions to environmental changes. With the IPS TerraViva conference journal we have continued our presence at major international events like Rio+20, where we provided the only independent and printed newspaper available during the conference.

In October IPS Africa won the international EXPO 2015 Africa Media Prize, for its capacity to voice the opinion of African communities regarding development issues.

To better connect with our readers – you – via the most relevant online platforms, we launched our new website with a fresh look and structure that better integrates IPS’ increased social media presence. Our new online photo database now provides you access to close to 8,000 high-resolution pictures taken by our local reporters around the world. In 2013, we particularly look forward to IPS WebTV, which will start a pilot phase in the second quarter of the new year.

As a not-for-profit news agency -the only one of its kind- we rely on the generous donations of foundations and individuals like you to continue our work in 2013, and it is this support I ask of you today.

With your donation comes our promise that every dollar of your contribution will be invested in what matters to you most: stories that make a difference.

Our “2013 Promise” campaign is just that: the pledge that 100 percent of your end-of-year donation will directly support ongoing and emerging stories in 2013.

IPS’ fifty years of reporting on social justice has taught us that all sustainable change is made collectively. Will you join our 2013 Promise?




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