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October 24th, 2008

IPS is pleased to inform that the IPS Support Group Meeting was held on 23 October in The Hague. This year’s meeting aimed to highlight the role of media related to ongoing strategies to preserve and increase the support base for global sustainable development.

Global warming and the new food crisis are hot news items and high on political agendas. However, important aspects and perspectives get little attention. Inter Press Service (IPS), Oxfam Novib and the Netherlands’ National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (NCDO) organised this high level seminar in order to analyse these intertwined issues from different angles, giving special attention to Southern perspectives.

The seminar also focused on the support base for sustainable development and international cooperation. Can the strong feelings that climate change and expensive food evoke increase overall support for sustainable development, without further marginalising the most vulnerable, the South, or other development priorities? The seminar reflected about the roles and responsibilities of mainstream and alternative media in this.

The seminar was the public part of the annual meetings of IPS that bring together media clients, donors, board members and partners of IPS and its news agency. Distinguished panellists and participants from international institutions and from governments, the academic world, NGOs and media from North and South engaged in interesting debates leading to new insights and contributed to establishing new contacts between key players in the field.

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DEVELOPMENT: Is The Media Doing Enough?
By Baher Kamal

THE HAGUE, Oct 24 (IPS) – The media has a key role to play in effectively addressing the two major challenges of the 21st century — sustainable development and climate change. But is it doing enough?

The verdict was mixed — at least judging by the views expressed by a group of academics, journalists, scientists, government officials and representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and U.N. agencies at a seminar held at The Hague in the Netherlands Thursday.

“Media has been focussing on the financial crisis; but what about the climate change crisis, what about the food security crisis?” asked Farah Karimi, director of OxfamNovib. Read complete story

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