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    Gender Masala - Notes on gender - A spicy mix

    This blog brings out the flavour of gender issues, from the network of IPS writers and friends. Gender Masala is part of the Inter Press Service project Communicating for Change: Getting Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality. Check it at www.ips.org/mdg3/

    CSW 56: Week Two

    09 Mar 2012

    Catch up on our coverage from the past week, below, as the United Nations’ 56th session of the Commission on the Status of Women comes to a close. Click here for coverage from week one.

    Female construction workers in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian women have been making headway in traditionally male-dominated fields. Credit: Fabiana Frayssinet/IPS

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    IWD: Keeping Girls Safe at Home, at School and in Their Communities

    08 Mar 2012

    By Equality Now*

    “To be able to realise their full potential in society as women, girls need to be empowered to raise their voices against injustices committed against them and they need a system that will support their quest for justice.”

    Young girls in the village of Sonu Khan Almani in Pakistan's Sindh province perform most of the household chores, like making bread. Credit: Zofeen Ebrahim/IPS

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    IWD: How the Kafala System is Failing Domestic Workers in the Middle East

    08 Mar 2012

    By Simba Shani Kamaria Russeau*

    “For developing countries, female migrants are becoming the main export as the labour market demand for a new form of modern-day slavery – domestic servitude – increases in the Middle East.”

    Libyan domestic worker Hawiyah Awal. Credit: Simba Russeau/IPS

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    ¿Femicidio, feminicidio? El genocidio necesita un nombre en América Latina

    16 Aug 2010

    unos_cuantos_piquetitos_frida_khalo_blog12agostoPor Diana Cariboni

    Mi pregunta fue por qué en algunos países se llama femicidio y en otros feminicidio al asesinato de mujeres por razón de su sexo. Las feministas reunidas en San Salvador, en un taller organizado por el Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer (Cladem), me mostraron que no era cuestión de una palabra u otra, sino una polémica no zanjada.

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    Football and development

    23 Jun 2010

    Guest post by Zukiswa Zimela, IPS Africa
    fair-playGrowing up as a little girl in rural Bizana in the Eastern Cape of South Africa I had no interest in soccer. I spent most of my time playing house, baking mud pies to nurture my stick children I had lovingly wrapped in plastic blankets. This was perfectly normal and acceptable because I learnt how to be a “proper girl” the traditional way.
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    Hot, humid and deathly – Writing about health in Mozambique

    18 May 2010

    The reality of poor health in Mozambique. Credit: Mercedes Sayagues

    Life is frail in Mozambique. Credit: Mercedes Sayagues

    Guest blogger Mercedes Sayagues

    The health page was laid out late at night last week. I had a headache so I went home around 7 pm to lie down. Around 9:30 the editor called: our turn for layout.

    It was unbearably hot and humid. The newsroom is in the basement of an old house. The proofreader was sitting on the steps to the garden. “Catching fresh air?” I asked. More »

    Celebrating Resolution 1325…now for implementation

    10 May 2010

    Kudzai Makombe

    With the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 coming up in October, the UN is under a lot of pressure to implement the resolution. More »

    Las terroristas suicidas

    13 Apr 2010

    black_widows2Diana Cariboni

    MONTEVIDEO.- Cada vez que aparecen noticias sobre mujeres que se inmolan en sangrientos ataques terroristas, se me despierta la misma mezcla de sorpresa y horror. More »

    Getting to women’s day every day

    16 Mar 2010

    Kudzai Makombe

    For how long do we have to keep demanding our rights? Credit: Mercedes Sayagues/IPS

    For how long do we have to keep demanding our rights? Credit: Mercedes Sayagues/IPS

    International Women’s Day has come and gone and government and civil society representatives of women have packed up and flown back home from the Beijing +15 review at the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York.

    For International Women’s Day there was plenty of activity, with celebrations and commemorations around the world. More ordinary women and men now know about this international day to celebrate women than ever before. Just ten years ago you might have struggled to get a significant positive response if you went out into the streets and asked random people if or what they knew about March 8th.

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