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    Una cooperativa teje un modelo para artesanas mexicanas

    30 Jun 2011

    Dieciséis millones de mujeres trabajan fuera de sus hogares en México y constituyen 40 por ciento de la población económicamente activa, según datos oficiales. Detrás de esas cifras persiste una realidad cotidiana de desigualdad salarial, precariedad laboral -con 56 por ciento de las mujeres ocupadas en el sector informal- y agresiones sexuales y psicológicas.

    En ese escenario, las microempresas y los proyectos de autogestión son una alternativa fundamental, como demuestra Mitz (Para ti, en lengua náhuatl), una cooperativa de artesanas de Palo Solo, un municipio pobre del extrarradio de la capital del país, que a partir de desechos industriales y con base en una técnica indígena de trenzado, elabora bolsos y otros muchos accesorios, que comercia internacionalmente. Las ganancias permiten sustentar la economía familiar de las participantes y financiar una escuela con unos 2.500 alumnos.

    In Women’s Words – Edith Nawakwi now wants to be Zambia first woman president

    24 Jun 2011

    Edith Nwakwi says Zambia needs to uplift its women traders to the middle classes  Credit: Brian Moonga

    Edith Nwakwi says Zambia needs to uplift its women traders to the middle classes Credit: Brian Moonga

    Since its independence from Britain in 1964, Zambia’s political stage has been dominated by men, despite women’s critical role in the liberation struggle. Edith Nawakwi now wants to be Zambia first woman president.


    Women Nobel Peace Laureates to Lead Delegation to Israel and Palestine

    27 Sep 2010

    nobelwomenpalestineThe ‘settlement freeze’—or moratorium on new building of Israeli homes in Palestinian territory—is set to expire on September 30.  This is adding increased tensions to the already fraught peace talks being hosted by the United States.

    The Palestinians are threatening to leave the peace talks if the freeze is not extended, and the Netanyahu government is giving no indication of what it plans to do.

    Those are the stories in the headlines.  Meanwhile, women activists on the ground in Israel and Palestine continue their tireless work every day to bring peace and ensure justice in the region.

    From September 28 to October 5, Nobel Peace Laureates Mairead Maguire (Ireland) and Jody Williams (USA) are leading a delegation of women to visit the region to bear witness to the struggles of the women working on the ground in the region to build a sustainable peace. They will be focused on hearing the perspectives of women on both sides of the conflict and providing opportunities for people to come together.

    The delegation aims to spotlight their creativity, inspiring work, and strategies for change in the region. “This is a critical moment in Israel right now,” said Williams.  “The peace talks and the settlement issue are front and center—there is an opportunity to make real progress on ending this long conflict.  We want to lift the voices of those saying that peace is possible.”

    The delegation will be visiting Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazereth, Ramallah, Hebron, and Bil’in.  Delegates will be meeting with women activists, policy makers and women’s leaders, filmmakers, members of the Knesset, women from the military—among others.

    We invite you to join us on this journey – follow our Blog, Facebook, & Twitter, hashtag #nwidel.

    In Women’s Words – Equal Equity

    21 Jun 2010

    equal-equity-picJune 21, 2010. In this Podcast:

    * The International Bar Association calls for more female lawyers at the International Criminal Court.

    * Ethiopia’s ruling party maintains gender quota during  recent elections but gender activists cry foul.

    *  and a Zambian farmer and entrepreneur plants a small seed for female small holder farmers. 

    In Women’s Words – Mind over Matter

    10 Jun 2010

    mindJune 10, 2010. In  this podcast:

    * Congolese women still endure high levels of sexual violence

    * Pregnant mothers’ mental health overlooked in South Africa

    * and Zambian women networking to gain life skills.


    In Womens Words – One step forward, two steps back

    25 May 2010

    mdgroud12_sMay 24, 2010 – In this  podcast you will hear about:

    * New family law sent back for review in Mali

    * More women screened for cancer in Mauritius

    * and African feminists oppose a campaign  to “Adopt an African Clitoris”.


    In Women’s Words – Sexual Politics

    17 May 2010

    credit: IRIN

    credit: IRIN

    May 17, 2010 – In this podcast:

    * Fewer female candidates elected in Mauritius

    * Hope fades for recognition of gay rights in Zimbabwe

    * Women still at the margins of peace negotiations

    * and one feminist’s quest to help Malawian women speak openly about their sexuality.


    In Women’s Words: Electing Alternatives

    11 May 2010


    Photo Credit: IPS

    May 10, 2010 – In this podcast:

    * A winning vote for women in Sudan’s controversial multiparty elections;

    * Zambian women’s struggle for constitutional reforms;

    * Domestic worker rights legislated but not protected in South Africa.


    In Women’s Words: Rights Denied

    30 Apr 2010

    18 year old Rachel Manda from Malawi hopes to avoid early marriage through education. Credit:Deborah Sprowson/IPS

    18 year old Rachel Manda from Malawi hopes to avoid early marriage through education. Credit:Deborah Sprowson/IPS

    Apr 29, 2010 – In this podcast you will hear about:

    * Indiscriminate attacks on women by Al-Shabaab in southern Somali

    * Civil society concerns that a new agriculture fund will not reach women

    * Controversy over Nigerian senator’s marriage to a 13-year-old child

    * Poverty forces Malawian girls out of school