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    Using ICTs to combat Gender Based Violence

    04 Aug 2009

    Protecting Women’s Rights Online

    04 Aug 2009

    Women’s organisations in Argentina

    03 Aug 2009

    In Argentina today there are many and very diverse movements and organisations with a gender perspective. Mujeres Públicas is not looking to construct rigid messages. Its aim is to raise questions, using messages that have diverse, ambiguous and open meanings.

    Cambodia Women Leaders

    02 Aug 2009

    Women leaders in Cambodia are quite uncommon and this piece focuses on the growing gender awareness and equality in Khmer culture. The video is produced by Kong Sreymeg and Lach Sophy in cooperation with the Probe Media Foundation with the IPS Asia Pacific.

    Rags to Riches

    02 Aug 2009

    From waste, to wealth, to world class – all this achieved in Payatas, the site for one of the Philippines’ largest dumpsites that is also home to thousands of families. Before, the women simple wanted to put food on the table, so they made rugs out of scrap cloth, unearthed from the garbage. Now, through Rags2Riches Inc, a social business enterprise that has brought together fashion designers, marketers and entrepreneurs, thee women are creating high-end designer fashion masterpieces and home accessories that are ethical and eco-friendly. This is produced by Probe Media Foundation together with IPS Asia-Pacific’

    Talking Gender: Why Media’s Language Matters

    01 Aug 2009

    The number of women journalists in the Mekong region has been increasing, giving gender equality a boost in what used to be a male-dominated industry. In spite of this, discussions on gender-sensitivity in the Mekong media have not gone as far as it does compared to other parts of the world. While basic issues such as the differences between men and women are discussed, there is a need to recognize that the inclusion of women’s views and gender-friendly language make better stories. This video, produced under the IPS Asia Pacific Communicating Change project analyzes the importance of having gender sensitive language in the coverage of media stories.

    Invest in Women – Do you see the opportunity?

    01 Aug 2009

    The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents the video clip ‘Invest in Women – Do you see the opportunity?’ This is the first video in a 3-part series of short videos about the MDG3 Fund. Central in this video are the chances and opportunities created by investing in women and girls.

    Gender relations and work in Uruguay

    20 Jul 2009

    Uruguay has the second largest gender pay gap in Latin America, topped only by Brazil. Uruguayan men earn in average 26.3 percent more than their female counterparts of the same age and with the same level of education. These findings are part of an October 2009 study by the Inter-American Development Bank that reveals great ethnic and gender wage differences in Latin America.

    A Revolution with a Woman’s Face

    19 Jul 2009

    In Bolivia, a land-locked South American country of 10 million people, a silent revolution is brewing, and it has a woman’s face. Women are now focusing their efforts on winning half of the 156 seats in the new Congress, which is called the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.