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    Gender equality and indigenous people in Colombia

    18 Jul 2009

    Colombia ‘s 102 indigenous nations –composed of nearly a million and a half people — face their own quest for gender equality tied into their 518-year struggle for land and indigenous rights. In Colombia, the natives are one of the populations most victimized by the ongoing armed conflict. Their reality is seldom reflected in polls and index measures for gender equality.

    The mirage of equality. The Situation of Women in the World of Work in Mexico

    17 Jul 2009

    It may be hard to argue that Mexico is not at the forefront of legislation in Latin America. In the capital, at least, abortion was decriminalised two years ago, and in April 2009 the possession of small quantities of certain drugs for personal consumption was also decriminalised. This country, famous for its sexist culture, has also ratified several international gender equality instruments.
    But Mexico hasn’t been able to translate these legal commitments into practices that impact the prevalent culture in the workplace, where discriminatory behaviours and abuses against women remain deeply entrenched.

    Gender, Media Training and Citizen Journalism

    16 Jul 2009

    Hillary Clinton on Violence Against Girls

    15 Jul 2009

    As we mark the 16 days of activism against gender violence take 16 minutes to watch this powerful speech by Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State at the United Nations on 25 September 2009.

    “… issues related to girls and women are not an annex to the important business of the world and the United Nations, they’re not an add-on, they’re not an afterthought; they are truly at the core of what we are attempting to do under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that is the guiding message of this organization and what each of us in our own countries is called to do on behalf of equal opportunity and social justice”

    Thinking Gender, Reporting Health

    15 Jul 2009

    Victim of Gender Based Violence Speaks Out

    10 Jul 2009

    Florence Mukambi will always bear the brunt of the country’s post-election violence. Her two young children were burnt alive in their beds while she was disfigured and rendered destitute as the ethnic hatred raged through the slum where she still lives.

    The Critical Challenge of Gender Equality

    09 Jul 2009

    IPS Africa partnered with the Millennium Campaign in Nairobi, Kenya to host a public forum entitled: “Meeting the MDGs: The Critical Challenge of Gender Equality.” More than 150 people attended the event on Monday, 3 August 2009, which included government and diplomatic representatives, academics, NGOs, gender advocacy groups and the media.

    Una revolución con rostro de mujer

    09 Jul 2009

    Las mujeres de Bolivia fueron protagonistas de la lucha por los cambios sociales y políticos plasmados en la nueva Constitución. Aplicar esos avances es otra historia. Las organizaciones de mujeres campesinas e indígenas querían la mitad de los lugares en las listas para los comicios de diciembre de 2009. Pero las cúpulas partidarias siguen siendo reductos masculinos.

    IPS looks at information as an agent of change

    08 Jul 2009