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    Raising the Visibility of Women in Politics

    15 Dec 2010

    IPS Africa Director Paula Fray speaking on Women and Elections to Sudanese female politicians.

    IPS Africa Director Paula Fray speaking on Women and Elections to Sudanese female politicians.

    Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa hosted a delegation of members of the Sudanese Women Parliamentarians Caucus at the IPS headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    The women representatives were on a UNIFEM-supported capacity building tour. IPS regional director Paula Fray outlined the organisation’s Women in Politics programme which seeks to build the voice and visibility of women politicians on the continent.

    Apart from producing a range of training tools for women in politics, the UNIFEM-funded programme also trains gender trainers in the southern Africa region.

    The training tools are available in English, French and Portuguese with a Reporting Elections Checklist also available in Arabic. For more information, visit the Africa From Polls to Polls site.

    Nicaragua: Women, Work and Leadership

    09 Nov 2010

    Nicaragua: Women, Work and Leadership
    Isabel Green, Director of Nicaraguan Women Institute. Credit:IPSIsabel Green, Director of Nicaraguan Women Institute. Credit:IPS

    IPS Latin America, in collaboration with UNDP and Fundación Puntos de Encuentro, organised the national media seminar “Women, Work and Leadership in Nicaragua. Gender equity, a key development goal”.

    The seminar, held on 3-4 November in Managua, analysed the implementation of the 3rd Development Goal in the country, with a focus on the issue of gender equality in the employment sector.

    The opening session was animated by Isabel Green, director of the Nicaraguan Womens institute; Pablo Mandeville, UNDP representative in Nicaragua and UN coordinator in the country; Silvia Porras of the Dutch Embassy; Irela Solórzano, director of “Puntos de Encuentro”, an IPS NGO partner in the MDG3 programme; and Joaquin Costanzo, Director of IPS Latin America.

    Journalists attending the MDG3 seminar in Managua. Credit:IPSJournalists attending the MDG3 seminar in Managua. Credit:IPS

    Some 30 journalists from Managua and other cities and several local NGOs attended the seminar and the two-days work which ended with a field visit to the project Quincho Barrilete, realised by the women of Puntos de Encuentro.

    The seminar was part of the IPS programme of work ‘Communicating for Change: Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality financed by the Dutch MDG3 Fund.

    In the press (Spanish):

    Medios deben promover enfoque de género

    País más lejos de Objetivos del Milenio

    New Media, Training and Gender at the Mekong Media Forum

    16 Dec 2009

    Mekong journalists and media experts gather in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from Dec. 9-12, 2009, to take part in the Mekong Media Forum.

    Mekong journalists and media experts gather in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from Dec. 9-12, 2009, to take part in the Mekong Media Forum.

    Forget ‘Gender’

    By Tess Bacalla

    CHIANG MAI, Thailand, Dec 12 – ‘Gender’ may not exist in all of Asia’s lexicons, but the concept is not necessarily alien to the region.

    “We don’t quite have the local term, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have concepts of gender,” Filipino anthropologist Michael Tan told the Mekong Media Forum.

    Talk about the standards or social constructs by which society labels certain segments of society — for instance, gay men, lesbians, metrosexuals, single or unwed mothers — and Asians societies have a notion, however hazy, of ‘gender’.

    But precisely because gender has no exact translation in many of the Asian languages, the term has come to be associated with “women’s issues,” says Tan, or in some cases “lesbians or gay men”. “Not a bad thing,” he says, acknowledging the important role of activism in a society that tolerates diversity and basic human rights. More »

    MEDIA-LATIN AMERICA: Women Deserve Better Press

    01 Dec 2009

    First day of "Women at Work, Women as Leaders" seminar.  Credit:Luis Gamero/IPS

    First day of "Women at Work, Women as Leaders" seminar. Credit:Luis Gamero/IPS

    By Ángel Páez

    LIMA, Nov 30 (IPS) – “The press will change when they cease to report exclusively from a masculine point of view,” Peru’s deputy Minister for Women, Norma Añaños, told participants at an international seminar for journalists on “Women at Work, Women as Leaders”, held in the Peruvian capital.

    Añaños’ reproach referred especially to the way the media reported the 116 femicides (gender-based murders of women) perpetrated by the victims’ partners in Peru between January and October, mostly within the home setting.

    “Nearly all the murders were reported in the crime sections, which is in itself a form of discrimination,” said Añaños. “It gives the impression that, for the press, women are only important and make the front page when they are killed. This must change,” she insisted.

    The Nov. 26-28 seminar was organised by the Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency, the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defence of Women’s Rights (CLADEM) and the Calandria Association of Social Communicators, and was sponsored by the Dutch government’s Third Millennium Development Goal Fund (MDG3 Fund).


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    MDG 3 and the Role of the Media, IPS Seminar in Rome on November 26

    20 Nov 2009

    MDG3 -- What is the role (and responsibility) of the media?

    MDG3 -- What is the role (and responsibility) of the media?

    During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (25 November – 10 December) an Inter Press Service (IPS) seminar will give voice to journalists and gender experts from around the world debating how information and communication can contribute to stop violence.

    Representatives of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC) and the Global Media Monitoring Project will introduce innovative ways of getting messages across. Prominent journalists Laila Al Shaikhli anchorwoman of Al Jazeera, Najiba Ayubi, Director of the Killid Group (the most important Afghan news agency) and Francesca Caferri reporter of La Repubblica of Italy will be present as respondents. More »

    Employment and Women’s Political Participation, IPS MDG3 Seminar in Peru

    11 Nov 2009

    seguridad-alimentaria-43-200x3001IPS América Latina will hold its first seminar about the Third Millennium Development Goal, on November 26-28 in Lima, Peru. The seminar is about “Equidad de género, objetivo esencial del milenio – igualdad laboral y participación política, dos de sus prioridades” (Gender Equality, a key goal of the Millennium – Job equality and political participation, two priorities).

    Calandria and Cladem NGOs, both partners of IPS MDG3 project, will co-organise the meeting, which also has the support of a key Peruvian women’s rights organization, the Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal (to support women in the informal economy), Demus, and the 9000-memberAsociación Nacional de Periodistas de Perú, which actively promotes gender perspective within  the media. More »

    Governments Must Be Held Accountable to Meet MDGs

    05 Aug 2009

    gbv4The world must start holding their governments accountable if women are to ever have equal rights.

    Participants at the public forum addressing the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of gender equality recognised that if the goals were to be realised before 2015, there was an urgent need world governments to be accountable to their people. More »

    Africa Day Marks Struggle for Gender Equality

    04 Jun 2009


    Peter Mollema, Deputy Amb.Royal Embassy of the Netherlands, Ferial Haffajee, Editor City Press newspaper, Govin Reddy, IPS Africa Board Member and Dr Kerrin Myres, WITS Business School.

    Gender equality was critical to improving progress on delivery of the Millennium Development Goals, deputy ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Netherlands, Peter Mollema told participants at an Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa public forum to mark Africa Day.

    The May 25, 2009 event also marked the launch of the IPS Gender Wire which is one of the organisation’s MDG3 “Communicating for Change: Voice, Visibility and impact for Gender Equality” project funded by the Dutch Government’s MDG3 fund.
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    African IPS MDG3 Seminar – Snapshots from Johannesburg, May 2009

    25 May 2009

    IPS Africa brings together senior reporters and gender organisations to review the existing editorial challenges and opportunities on the continent

    Ferial Haffajee Ferial Haffajee’s speechDownload PDF File 69Kb(PDF File 69Kb)