• Monday, October 5, 2015
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    Women Empowering Women

    by prize winning feminist researcher Wendy Harcourt

    Why has ‘gender’ emerged as a key area of development funding in these days of reduced funds for development? How has the MDG3 Fund helped catalyze progress towards achievement of the 2015 MDG3 on gender equality and women’s empowerment? How are women overcoming violence against women, gaining economic independence, fighting for land rights and becoming more involved in decision making?

    10 inside stories on ten projects reveal how the MDG3 Fund has helped women to help end social discrimination and rights injustices and to catalyze transformative changes in women’s and communities lives worldwide.

    Breaking the silence: Stories from Fiji and South Africa, AWID

    08 Aug 2011

    By Wendy Harcourt*

    How do sex workers speak out in an increasingly violent island state where authoritarian decrees make their work illegal? How do women who have been violated find the courage to speak out when deep control of women’s sexuality and femininity is emblazoned as part of a nation’s culture?

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