• Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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    Dutch Tender on Reconstruction – Deadline 15 March

    The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a call for proposals under an Euro 120 million fund for financing reconstruction activities in post-conflict countries (Afghanistan, South Sudan, Burundi, Yemen and others).

    The overarching policy objective of the call for proposals is to contribute to reconstruction and development in post-conflict areas. To qualify for a grant, an application should focus on at least category 1 (improving human security) and besides that on either category 2 (legitimate government) or 3 (peace dividend):

    1) Improving human security and promoting rule of law. This approach fosters stability in fragile states.
    2) Activities concerned with developing legitimate government with sufficient capacity in the priority countries identified (see policy rules for the exact countries)
    3) Activities concerned with achieving a peace dividend by creating conditions for socioeconomic reconstruction in these priority countries.

    As gender is a cross-cutting issue in the tender all eligible women’s organisations are invited to apply.

    Applications need to be submitted before 15 March 2012 and the application form and the policy rules can be downloaded here.

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