• Thursday, November 26, 2015
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    Dutch Worldconnectors Issue Statement on “Gender and Diversity”


    Worldconnector Sylvia Borren says we live in a world that treats girls, women, indigenous people, migrants, lesbians and gays very unfairly. That has to change!

    Sylvia Borren, co-chair of the Worldconnectors, was a panelist at the recent IPS seminar in Rome. She took the chance to introduce a new resource on gender and diversity from this inter-disciplinary group based in The Netherlands and focused on international cooperation and the global community.

    Apart from being co-chair of Worldconnectors Sylvia is also co-chair of GCAP’s Global Council and former Executive Director of Oxfam Novib.

    Here is the opening presentation of the Gender and Diversity theme:

    ” We are extremely concerned that as a result of the global economic crisis the rights and dignity of women and minorities across the globe are under increasing threat. This trend can and must be urgently reversed. But this should not be done based on a philosophy of charity; instead, a rights based approach is needed based on universal agreements of human rights, rule of law and justice. At the same time, we also draw inspiration from enlightened self-interest, that is, securing our collective social, cultural and economic needs.”

    Read the full statement here: Justice and Solutions for All: through gender and diversity.

    Find further resources and links on gender and diversity in the “Quick Scan“.

    Worldconnectors also links to photos and videos.

    To react or comment on the statement use this contact form on the Worldconnectors site.

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