• Sunday, November 29, 2015
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    Female Authors and Gender Stories Win the Millennium Goal Media Award

    MDG AwardSix journalists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela win the second edition of the “Latin America and the Millennium Development Goals” Journalism Award. Four of the winners are women, and three of the awarded stories deal extensively with gender issues.

    The competition, run by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Inter Press Service (IPS), awards the best reporting on the Millennium Development Goals in the region.

    The second, third and fifth prize went to female journalists who reported about violence, discrimination and human rights violations.

    Silvia Regina Bessa was awarded for her series of reports on exclusion, prejudices and poverty, titled “Quilombola – Os dereitos negados de um povo” (Quilombola – A Peoples’ Rights Denied), published by the Brazilian newspaper Diario de Pernambuco.

    Adriana Rivera, of Venezuela’s El Nacional newspaper, was awarded for her gender based report “La escolaridad es blanco de la violencia” (Schools Targeted by Violence), an insightful account on education in Venezuela, where teenagers deal daily with violence, and the efforts of educational authorities to bring young girls and boys into school and prevent them from dropping out.

    The fifth prize was shared by Guadalupe Yapud, for her article “Cuando se vive con un dolar al dia” (Living on a Dollar a Day), published by the Ecuadorian newspaper La Hora, reporting on children pushed to work at a very early age in Ecuador, because of extreme poverty.

    Co-winner is Maria Paz Cuevas, awarded for her report “Heidi y Gretel” (Heidi and Gretel), featured in Chile’s Paula magazine, telling the story of two women who raised nine children together and were forced to drug deal in order to support them.

    Attention to gender issues is present in the first prize story as well. The series “Tereso es el ejemplo” (Tereso Is Just One Example), written by Mario Alejandro Muñoz, journalist with the Mexican newspaper El Informador is a harsh portrayal of poverty in Mexico and includes chapters on maternal mortality and violence against women.

    These stories were selected among a total of 461 stories submitted in the competition. Of the overall stories submitted, 62 percent were written by women. Of these, 18 percent came from Brazil. 15 from Argentina, 14 from Colombia, 12 from Mexico, 11 from Panama and 6 percent from Venezuela. The remainder is from other Latin American and the Caribbean countries.

    See the jury’s conclusions and read the winning stories.

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