• Thursday, November 26, 2015
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    Gender and Migration – Stories from the Gender Wire

    imageiom1April’s edition of  “IOM Gender and Migration News”  from the International Organization for Migration in Geneva features three articles from the IPS Gender Wire archive.  Click on the image to access the full newsletter.

    In the story Paraguay: Nurses seeking greener pastures in Italy Natalia Ruiz Diaz explains the brain drain of trained nurses and the impact on Paraguyan health care – for example ICU units are unable to open because of a lack of experienced nurses. At the same time the opportunities for migrants in countries like Italy enable them to support their families back home.

    Marwaan Macan-Markar reports from Bangkok in the story Mideast: Women migrant workers with HIV get raw deal. Thousands of Asian women living in the Middle East with employment as domestic workers find out their HIV positive status from a mandatory test carried out every two years. They are confined to holding centres as they await deportation, and have to cope with the news without any counselling services.

    Finally, a story from Dahr Jamail Iraq: Still homeless in Baghdad explains why persistent homelessness in Iraq’s capital is particularly difficult for women and girls. Kidnap and rape are constant fears. Families are economic refugees in the city or were displaced from their homes during sectarian violence. Over half of the more than a million internally displaced people in Baghdad surveyed by IOM in 2009 were women or girls.

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