• Thursday, November 26, 2015
  • A program of IPS Inter Press Service supported by the Dutch MDG3 Fund

    Gender Studies at the IPS Asia-Pacific Classroom

    The gender students from AIT

    The gender students from AIT

    BANGKOK – IPS Asia-Pacific’s offices became a classroom twice in recent weeks as two classes of graduate students from the Asian Institute of Technology came to discuss issues of journalism, gender, environment as well as the media mindset.

    On March 30, a class of 16 graduate students in the gender and development studies module spent two hours at the IPS regional office in the Thai capital, with their professor, Babette Resurreccion. The students were from varied courses, backgrounds and countries, ranging from Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Nigeria.

    IPS Asia-Pacific Director Johanna Son discussed the IPS news philosophy, including its approach to gender and the MDG3 project. She also presented the findings of a survey IPS Asia-Pacific had done among media and development advocates on their perceptions of gender sensitivity and language, and then linked that to the ‘Talking Gender in the Mekong Media’ report the organisation released recently.

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