• Friday, October 9, 2015
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    Honduran Feminist Human Rights Advocates Denounce Violations

    jass_movements_newsletterFour prominent human rights advocates, including two members of Honduran Feminists in Resistance, testified before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission on Monday November 2nd on the precise nature and scope of human rights violations that women have experienced at the hands of the police, military and other security agents of the defacto regime. Violence against women has increased in the past four months as women’s leadership in the resistance to the coup has grown.

    As part of the testimony, the Honduran Feminists in Resistance presented a summary of a report compiled from a fact-finding mission and from the Observatorio de Trangresión Feminista (Feminist Transformation Watch) organized by the Petateras, Radio Feminista, JASS, and other allies.

    The advocates also met with members of Congress and the US State Department on Tuesday November 3rd to caution them that elections held in a context of repression and without the reinstatement of constitutional order will not be legitimate and could only lead to further unrest.

    For further information visit: http://www.justassociates.org/actions/honduras_action_coup.html.

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