• Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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    International Women’s Day

    Women parliamentarians of the Afghan Lower House arrive at their inauguration ceremony in Kabul in January. Credit:UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein

    On International Women’s Day, IPS News Agency reports about the struggles of women for equal opportunities around the world.

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo, eleven soldiers found culpable in the rape of more than 50 women in January, have begun serving lengthy sentences in the provincial capital of Bukavu. Their speedy trial and sentencing by a mobile court is a welcome sign of a new commitment to ending impunity for sexual violence on Congolese women.

    Iranian Nobel Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi asks the world not to forget lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who’s been defending “many of us human rights defenders in Iran when our own government harassed us or put one of us, or a family member, in jail.” Nasrin has been arrested, “punished- for speaking up for the rights of others”.

    Central American women still face innumerable economic and social barriers to education and training, which severely limit their job opportunities.

    IPS interviewed Palestinian Israeli woman Hanin Zoabi, an elected member of the Israeli Knesset parliament and the first woman on

    Hanin Zoabi Credit:Pierre Klochendler/IPS

    an Arab party’s list. She speaks of the difficult situation on women in the occupied Territories.

    Women have been playing a big role in the ten-year civil war waged by Nepal’s Maoist party, by joining and fighting in the People’s Liberation Army. However, five years after the guerrillas signed a peace accord, fought an election and headed the government briefly, almost 1,200 women warriors have been left out of the benefits meant for former fighters.

    Read these and other stories on the IPS Gender Wire.

    A team of IPS reporters was in New York at the 55th session of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women in the past two weeks. Extensive coverage of the main issues on the table of delegates and activists is available on the Gender Wire as well.

    The special coverage is part of the IPS programme “Communicating for Change: Getting Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality“. The IPS cast of stories includes independent coverage financed through the Dutch Government’s MDG3 Fund: Investing in Equality, and others.

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