• Monday, October 5, 2015
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    IPS Gender and Development Glossary, in Arabic

    The third edition of the IPS-Inter Press Service Gender and Development Glossary is now available in Arabic.

    The Glossary is meant to offer journalists and writers a guide for picking their way through the sometimes tricky terrain of gender, media and development, and the use of gender-related terms and language in media.

    “Some of these terminologies are very sensitive in this region,” wites Hibaaq Osman, founder and CEO of Karama in the intro. “However these are scientific terms and people need to understand what these terms are and how to use them.”

    “How do you distinguish between an act and a name? Something that has no name will remain faceless, and therefore, becomes marginalized as different or separate, instead of integrated into a broader spectrum of communities and terms. Without these terms, individuals can be marginalized, ignored, and subject to prejudice. This glossary can be used for education and advocacy, teaching people about and humanizing the issue. Furthermore, the international community relies on these terms to build awareness and to jointly discuss related ideas and issues, and they need to be clarified for other professionals who are using them, for instance journalists, activists, and field workers, to ensure that there is a sense of mutual understanding through standardization of terms. This glossary is also an important tool for everyday people, for instance youth, who, once they come to understand the meaning of these terms, may discover that they are not alone but rather part of a larger community.”

    The glossary section takes users through the meaning and nuances of 141 key terms in gender and development, many of them updated from the gender and media discussions over the last decade and useful in covering these issues. The book also has a list of troublesome terms and alternatives that are useful in newsrooms and other publication venues, as well as in training programmes and news stylebooks.

    The Arabic version was made possible also thanks to the fruitful collaboration with women’s organisations in the Mediterranean region. The IPS Gender and Development Glossary was trans-edited into Arabic and distributed in the Arabic speaking countries in collaboration with MDG3 grantee organisation Karama, and Foundation for the Future.

    Download the Gender and Development Glossary in Arabic (pdf).

    English, French and Spanish versions available here.

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