• Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  • A program of IPS Inter Press Service supported by the Dutch MDG3 Fund

    MDG 3 and the Role of the Media, IPS Seminar in Rome on November 26

    MDG3 -- What is the role (and responsibility) of the media?

    MDG3 -- What is the role (and responsibility) of the media?

    During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (25 November – 10 December) an Inter Press Service (IPS) seminar will give voice to journalists and gender experts from around the world debating how information and communication can contribute to stop violence.

    Representatives of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC) and the Global Media Monitoring Project will introduce innovative ways of getting messages across. Prominent journalists Laila Al Shaikhli anchorwoman of Al Jazeera, Najiba Ayubi, Director of the Killid Group (the most important Afghan news agency) and Francesca Caferri reporter of La Repubblica of Italy will be present as respondents.

    Together with many NGOs and U.N. agencies present (AIDOS, ActionAid, U.N. Millennium Campaign, UNIFEM and CAWTAR among others), discussions will focus on the responsibility of media when communicating gender violence. FAO, IFAD and WFP will contribute to a special session on gender in the run-up to the Copenhagen climate change COP 15.

    On this occasion, IPS will launch its new Reporting Violence against Women media handbook published by IPS Africa.

    A special session will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Introduced by Emma Bonino, Vice President of the Italian Senate, the keynote speaker will be Soukeina Bouraoui, Executive Director, Centre of Arab Women for Training & Research-CAWTAR, Tunisia.

    A video with the main moments of the seminar will be available on-line from 27 November.

    MDG3 is “Promote gender equality and empower women”. IPS has a longstanding commitment to mainstreaming gender and this event is part of our 2009 – 2011 programme of work ‘Communicating for Change: Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality” (www.ips.org/mdg3/ and www.ipsnews.net/genderwire/).

    The seminar “Millennium Development Goal 3 and the role of the media” is the public part of the annual meetings of IPS that bring together media clients, donors, board members and partners of the news agency. Representatives of Governments from Brazil, Finland, India, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Uruguay, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa and U.N. agencies IFAD, IOM, UNDP, UNIFEM, UNFPA, UNDP, as well as Oxfam Novib, World Bank and Group of 77 amongst others are invited.

    For further information contact: SupportGroup[at]ips.org

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