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    Muslim Women: Building Institutions, Creating Change

    Hundreds of Muslim women activists, academics, scholars, lawyers and community leaders from around the globe will meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between July 16 and 20, 2009 to build the infrastructure and network for Muslim women to join together, challenge the distorted interpretations of Islam and to increase the socio-economic self-determination of Muslim women in society.
    Titled “Building Institutions, Creating Change,” the conference is a historical moment for Muslim women’s activism as it will build upon and the collective experiences of Muslim women worldwide and establish a global support network of Muslim reformers.

    Among the attendees are top Muslim women leaders from around the globe including Egyptian spiritual leader Aisha Rafea, Amina Wadud, the first women to lead a prayer in an American mosque, Dawood Sharifa Khanam, an Indian activist with plans to build the first women only mosque, Riffat Hassan, Pakistani Islamic Scholar, Laila Al Zwaini, Dutch lawyer specialized in Yemeni tribal law, Saudi Poet Nimah Nawwab, and Seyran Ates, Turkish activist fighting honor killings.

    On the agenda is the launching of three innovative and groundbreaking initiatives aimed at empowering Muslim women and increasing their social and economic self-determination; The Global Muslim Women’s Shura Council, will serve as a Woman only advisory council that interprets Islamic law, the Women’s Shura Council will also issue its first declaration against violence during the conference. The special Muslim Women’s Fund will provide scholarships to educate women in Islamic Jurisprudence and qualify them to serve on the Global Muslim Women’s Shura Council. The Muslim Women’s Fund will also fund initiatives supporting Muslim women around the world.

    The Muslim Women’s Online Portal will serve as a reference on Muslim women’s activism and provide diverse range of academic papers, user-generated video and streaming news on issues relevant to Muslim women. The portal will also include a virtual mosque for women across the globe to attend and network.

    The conference will also conduct workshops aimed at building capacity through communication, movement-building, political and spiritual leadership.

    The 2009 WISE Kuala Lumpur Conference is organized by the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) in collaboration with the Cordoba Initiative. It is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the MDG3 Fund. Additional WISE supporters include the Sister Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

    For more information on the conference, to set up interviews with participants or media accreditation please contact Ramzi A. Zeineddine, 212-870-2552 x 5, rz@cordobainitiative.org.

    The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE) Program: Empowering Muslim Women Around the Globe.

    The WISE program aims to empower Muslim women to fully participate in their communities and nations as well as to amplify their voices at all levels of political, economic, religious and social discourse. By creating the infrastructure and processes for Muslim women to join together and challenge the distorted interpretations of Islam and increasing their social and economic self-determination, WISE aims to change the status of Muslim women around the globe. This global network of individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and communities uses the teachings of Islam – both as inspiration and justification – for Muslim women’s empowerment.

    Email rz@cordobainitiative.org

    Webpage: http://www.asmasociety.org

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