• Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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    Strengthening Monitoring And Evaluation For Women’s Rights: Thirteen Insights For Women’s Organizations

    We are happy to share with our readers AWID’s most recent publication: “Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation for Women’s Rights: Thirteen Insights for Women’s Organizations“.

    The publication presents thirteen key insights into how women’s rights organizations and movements can strengthen capacity to track and assess the contribution of their organizations and interventions.

    These thirteen insights stem from AWID’s intensive research into the challenges faced by women’s organizations in effectively monitoring and evaluating women’s rights work, and the ways to enhance the collective capacity to assess the influence and impact of such work.

    Recognizing that many organizations fighting for women’s rights are working within significant resource, staffing and capacity constraints, AWID offers these insights as ideas, possibilities and approaches from which organizations can choose, adapting those that seem most relevant, useful, and above all, feasible, given their particular contexts.

    This is the second publication in a series of briefs on monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

    The first of these briefs Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation for Women’s Rights: Twelve Insights for Donors is available in English on Awid‘s website.

    Download the PDF

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